For my major work during university I wanted to create a design campaign that would be relevant to a possible live brief and to redesign an existing aspect of design.
I decided to redesign the shirts and bandanas for the RSPCA, as the current shirts they sell are unfortunately outdated, so I created a range that would appeal to the age range of teen-young adults, in order to hopefully boost sales, create repeat donators and bring more recognition to the organisation.
I also created an accompanying information booklet, website re-design, advertising posters and social media campaign.
The booklet accompanies the shirts when delivered to the customer, to further educate them on the RSPCA's work and also to detail interesting statistics about the RSPCA.

This was a massive project to undertake and it was completely self directed and completed in under 8 weeks, from conception of the idea to completion of all elements. 

I had a budget of approximately $300, including the purchase of the shirts (as they are all good quality cotton, for the best printing results), the purchase of the iron-on transfers that were used for the actual printing of the designs, the copious amounts of printer ink used, the photoshoot backdrops, the printing of the booklets and stickers, and all the small amounts of test prints that added up. 

All the photography done for the assignment was created using my home studio kit and my friend's garage space, and photoshop, and I thank the contributors of space and the people who gave up their time to model and help set up. 


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Emily Adare

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Alyssa Adare